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Ontario Soccer League - Premier Division

2016 season came to an end with Olimpia finishing in 4th place. Our new coach Jan Pindiur said at the beginning of the season that he wants to finish in top 3 so we’re not far off from what we have established as a goal for this year.

Few new faces have been added to our squad including Jaroslaw Szczepaniuk, Radoslaw Pindiur, Paul Lipiec and Artur Kopycki. We had a slow start to the season loosing first 3 games, but new players adapted quickly and we did much better in second half of the season quickly moving up the table.

Next season Olimpia will be looking to make a stronger start and aim in top league positions.

Congratulations to coaching staff and players for great job and all success in indoor season at Hershey where we have teams in Open and Over 35 divisions.

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